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Industrial Security

Which sectors does Major Security provide security coverage for?

  1. Mining sector (please refer to Mining Security)
  2. Energy sector
  3. Resources production and refinement
  4. Industrial including warehouse and storage

What should a client look for in seeking security officers for their industrial premises?

  1. Well trained security officers with an understanding of the value of your industrial business
  2. Officers who are orientated to protect assets
  3. Officers who understand the danger of unauthorised people entering the premises
  4. Properly trained staff who are aware of workplace hazards in an industrial environment
  5. Professionalism, reliability and organisational skills such that any events are properly documented for the client’s knowledge and for any legal purposes should the event eventuate into something further

Why are industrial complexes often the target for security breaches?

  1. They require great amounts of capital and often hold expensive equipment.
  2. They are often located in areas with low population which makes them an ideal target for theft.

What is the appropriate response to industrial complex security issues?

  1. Major security can patrol your site and complete spot checks to ensure your assets are safe
  2. Prevent intruder access by conducting security checks
  3. Prevent any access from anybody who is not fully authorised to remain on premises

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