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Major Security Services Pty Ltd. Police License 28041.

Major Security Signs New Contract with Leighton

Feb 2013.  Major Security Services was appointed to provide security at the Gateway Project for 4 years.

The Gateway project is the largest construction project ever undertaken in Perth so far. It is a ONE Billion dollar project that will undertake a mega overhaul of the infrastructure around the Perth International Airport and the Perth Freight Terminal. The team at Gateway envisage that it will become an icon in Perth and Major Security Services is proud to be involved in this project.

What Our Clients Say

Main Roads Western Australia

"Major Security Director and personnel assisted in providing a safe environment for workers and road users alike. Their attitude and commitment are to be commended..."

Debra Jones
Main Roads Western Australia

City East Alliance

Provider of security services to the City East Alliance - Great Eastern Highway Upgrade

Major Security Services is providing security services at the major infrastructure project to upgrade Great Eastern Highway from Kooyong Road to Perth Airport.

Security Industry Association

Major Security Services is a member of the prime industry body, Australian Security Industry Association Limited