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Mine Site Security

Western Australia’s mining industry has been the economic backbone of the nation over the past decade. The expansion of the mining industry has come hand in hand with significant investment in regional WA. Major Security Services have been working closely with large miners and government to establish security systems and patrols which ensure protection for their investments.

Why is mine site security so important?

  1. Long working hours and a mix of personalities living in close quarters present a small risk of security concern.
  2. A conflict on site concerns both Occupational Health and Safety, and impacts revenue.
  3. Staff, contractors and others present on the mining site should be protected personally.
  4. Risk to personnel should be resolved as quickly as possible by implementing the strategic security plan response.
  5. Unauthorised visitors pose a risk to themselves and others on the site.

How do we protect our personnel, assets, and valuables on our mine site?

  1. Regular security patrols in the area.
  2. Ensure personnel remaining on the site have authorisation to be there.
  3. Attentive and committed staff well versed in the task of mine camp site protection.
  4. Officers with a crowd control license are available where the area may have a liquor license.

Can I see an example of where Major Security have provided mine site security services in WA?

To see our team in action, check out our case study on the Forrestania Nickle Mine. Here we were contracted to provide foot patrols and spot checks and ensuring that reporting requirements were met. Major Security’s understanding of the needs and challenges within the mining industry, as well as our extensive experience position us to be the provider of choice for your mine site security needs. Join our growing list of satisfied clients; call us today on (08) 9361 9997 or Contact Us via email: