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Major Security Services Pty Ltd. Police License 28041.

Security Agency

What does a security agency do? A security agency provides protection for its clients assets, be they material goods or human resources or customers. A security agency functions as a private component to law enforcement, looking out for a client’s well-being. Government facilities, corporations, retail businesses, schools, and individual private parties all have needs for security from time to time.

Sometimes that need may manifest in patrols and surveillance, watching out for any problems that may occur. Other times a security agency presents itself to the public, providing an onsite assist to control access, direct traffic on the property, and ensure that company safety rules and procedures are followed to the letter. Sometimes a security agency functions as a buffer between a company and its insurance company, helping to document incidents and file reports so that the company is competently represented in making a claim.

In all these areas, Major Security Services has proven itself to be the most trusted name in security for Western Australia. Our clients extend from schools to industrial sites to construction sites to mining camps, ensuring that our crack staff of elite trained professionals are on call to assist with every possible security need.

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