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Shopping Centre Security

Why do shopping centres suffer from a security risk?

Shopping Centres are hotspots for petty crime and theft, with so much merchandise and so much foot traffic the risk for tenants is greatly amplified. Shopping centre are hotspots for fraudulent claims and security services plays a vital role in minimizing this risk.

What is the correct response to shopping centre crime?

As a shopping centre owner, you have a responsibility to provide your tenants and their customers with adequate protection. This means security patrols and spot checks to ensure that everyone can enjoy their time in the centre. This translates to a benefit for the owner, as clients can go about without distraction, danger or interruption. Outside of business hours this means protecting the large value of assets within the shopping complex or building, and risk minimisation by reducing incidents in the shopping centres.

What about individual tenants in shopping centres and how can Major Security help with this?

Individual tenants may also want to look at security services for their individual stores, particularly stores such as jewellery stores or electronics stores which hold high value compact items which may be tempting to thieves. As well as patrols and general security services-we can also provide assistance with traffic direction, and video surveillance.

Can Major Security help me during the Christmas and Easter period?

Yes we can. Major Security Services has capacity to bolster your security services over the busy Christmas and Easter periods, particularly when the end of year sales begin and customers can become a little unruly in their quest for a bargain.

Major security services have capacity to provide complete coverage for all the security needs previously mentioned. Major Security’s highly professional and approachable security staff provides peace of mind that your business, the business of your tenants and the huge volume of assets are protected to the highest standard.

Contact us via email- or Call us today on (08) 9279 2888 to discuss how we can help, or if we can improve your current shopping centre security situation.


What Our Clients Say

Main Roads Western Australia

"Major Security Director and personnel assisted in providing a safe environment for workers and road users alike. Their attitude and commitment are to be commended..."

Debra Jones
Main Roads Western Australia

City East Alliance

Provider of security services to the City East Alliance - Great Eastern Highway Upgrade

Major Security Services is providing security services at the major infrastructure project to upgrade Great Eastern Highway from Kooyong Road to Perth Airport.

Security Industry Association

Major Security Services is a member of the prime industry body, Australian Security Industry Association Limited